‘‘If You Allow Your Man Grab Your Butt In Public, You Have No Home Training’’ – Beautiful Lady Tells Nigerian Women


According to a Nigerian IG relationship expert, Didisassy, it is very rude and disrespectful for Nigerian men to grab the butt of their wives or girlfriends in public.
She added that any Nigerian girl that allows her man to do such a thing, doesn’t have home training.

Video below;

‘‘Hi guys so i was having a conversation with some of my friends and this topic popped up and the topic is should a Guy grab his Girlfriend By her butt in public, for me i dont support it and i dont like it. I feel it is uncalled it is Rude, it means you dont have respect for your Girlfriend, why would you do that? its just attention seeking, just because kanye west did it to Kim and amber doesn’t make it right, But some Nigerian Girls dont have home training because if you did you will know it is not Right


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