Alex Blocked Me, I Don’t Unfollow Anyone- Tobi Bakre

The 3rd runner up of the last Big Brother show, Tobi Bakre spoke out on recent issues regarding his friendship with fellow housemate, Alex.

The ex-Banker spoke to Saturday Beats and he explained that rumours that he unfollowed Alex, whom he was very friendly with in the house and whom many thought he was dating, on social media

But, he Tobi claimed that he was the one that got blocked and that he doesn’t generally unfollow people

“I didn’t unfollow anybody; I was blocked and then she followed me back. I have never unfollowed anybody on my social media accounts before, I was blocked and then she followed me back,”

He also talked about other things going on in his life including his new venture into acting.

The BB Naija contestant said he has a couple of projects in the works but that he couldn’t talk about them just yet.

“I am already into acting, but I cannot talk about my projects yet,”

Tobi also insisted that he doesn’t buy followers online, this came after rumours spread that he had purchased followers in a bid to boost his online profile.

“No, I don’t buy Instagram likes and followers and I will never do that. I don’t want to comment much on that. I had about 25,000 before the Big Brother show and after BBA, I currently have about 867,000,”  he stated

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