Alabi Pasuma Announces When He Plans to Get Married



Popular Fuji singer, Alabi Pasuma, has confirmed that he is currently in a relationship and his very committed to it because he has now found love.

The singer explained that he met his true love while at a shopping mall in Dubai in a company of a friend that knew him but she never new whom he was.

Pasuma stated that he is not planning for marriage this year because he is more concerned about his career but noted that once his career has gotten the boost he wants, then he would get married.

“I am in a relationship right now but we have not tied the knot. I am in a very serious relationship and I have found love. I met my girlfriend in a mall in Dubai. She was with a friend who knew me and greeted me, so she followed suit. She did not really know who I was then but her friend was a huge fan. Because she did not know who Pasuma was, I was curious to know more about her. God has already blessed our union and I pray that people would also give us their blessings and not destroy it. I am not planning marriage this year, all I am concerned about is my career. When my career has the stability that I want, then I would get married to her,” he told Punch.


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