Adamawa: Crisis Brews In PDP, As Chieftain Petitions Makarfi Over Atiku’s Hijack Of Party


Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Adamawa State, Dr Umar Ardo, has said the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, is better off outside the PDP.

Umar, who incidentally was a special assistant to Atiku on research and strategy, said the return of his former boss will cause friction in the party.

He has however petitioned the national leadership of the party over the manner and process the Adamawa State congress was conducted, saying it was tailored towards handing over the structure of the party to Atiku. He added Atiku’s loyalists and supporters, who decamped from the APC to PDP only a week earlier were returned elected without waiver as required by the party’s constitution.

He further called on the Appeal panel members over the congress to amend those acts and institute justice, stressing “fair-play and constitutionalism in the process and cancel the entire exercise if PDP is to survive in the state and the country as a viable political party”.

He further warned that if the amends are not made, he might be forced to call a press conference and tear the party’s constitution to mark his protest.

When asked if Atiku was directly involved in PDP in the state, Ardo who answered in the affirmative said “Atiku was involved directly”.

On Atiku’s return to PDP, he said “People say that there are three advantages of Atiku coming back to PDP. First, PDp stands to be seen as bringing in men of timber and caliber because Atiku has a name; and so it will give the impression that PDp is attracting a man of worth.

“Secondly, he is usually described as a man of deep pocket. That is to obscene money. So he will be able to foot the bills of the party, which the party being out of government will need a lot of money, as they say money is to politics what breast milk is to a baby. To that extent Atiku’s return is an advantage.

“Thirdly, he has people across the country. And these people will all be in the party as the mobilizers and these will all be an advantage. But against these three advantages, there are also three disadvantages.

“We learnt that Atiku is coming back to the party with an ambition; an ambition to contest for the presidency. Now that will be a source of conflict because there are others, even in the party who are also interested and they are nursing this ambition. There will be conflict among party members.

“Secondly, the deep pocket that Atiku has will just serve that ambition. But it will deepen the conflict. The third disadvantage is that those foot soldiers will also serve for the ambition and in the process deepen the conflict.

“There is this other disadvantage. My father said when you are traveling don’t take a friend or enemy, because where ever you go you will make new ones. Along with the friends that Atiku will be coming with to the party is also those that will bring up enemies.

“For instance, it is an open secret and everybody knows it that Obasanjo will fight him. Give and take, I think I will conclude that PDP will be better off without Atiku coming back.”

On how Atiku has hijacked the party, said ” yesterday’s so-called state congress is but a lack-luster contraption that has no standard rules and guidelines, no judicial legitimacy and is an utter disgrace to PDP; and

“That is an effort to handover the party structure to the former Vice President, Alh Atiku Abubakar, the constitution of the party was scornfully disregarded, especially at the Local Govt.”

He said the PDP council chairmen and delegates in Yola South, Yola North, Girei, Numan, Madagali, Jada, are loyalists of the former Vice President.

Reacting however, Atiku, in a text message by his media adviser, Mazi Paul Ibe, described the allegations against him as ludicrous, adding that those accusing him of meddling in PDP’s affairs in the state should look elsewhere.

He said “It is ludicrous to accuse a man who is not a member of a party of having hijacked the party structure. Whoever is making this allegation has to look elsewhere for their failings.”


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