Actress, Rukky Sanda Turns Preacher Begs For ‘Help’

Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda, is now a born again Christian as the actress took to her social media page to encourage friends and colleagues to try and lend a helping hands to others in need.

According to the actress, there are lots of people out there that needs help while some have the basic needs and are not willing to
help.In her words, “If my biggest problem is the drive to succeed at anything that I do and fulfill my dreams, and yours is to stay pretty,
but all your neighbor wants is to get a job on time to meet up with the rent but your wants a new car so bad & the person next to her just wants to get noticed by a guy she’s had a crush on since forever and all he wants is to
get a promotion at his job but all his boss wants is to loose some weight and his friend next to him just wants to find inner peace and happiness…
I could go on… And on… But as we worry about this little things that might seem like the most important thing to us at the time,we all need to take a moment and think about the other person out there…There is someone out there at this very
moment and all he wants is to see another day, Someone trying to make it through the night, Someone who is battling for their life,Someone who is willing to put their life on the line just in the hope that they will be able to save their sisters, someone who has
food but can’t eat, someone who had all you ever wished for and lost it all in the blink of an eye. I could go on and on…

But I’ll say this, we all need to be much more thankful for all we have, and remember to put people out there in our prayers, you don’t have to know someone personally to pray for them. #Prayer Changes Things,#Nothing Is Permanent & #Impossible IS
nothing.I always tell God to bless everyone out there in the world with a good heart, and fulfill all our hearts desire positively, we should all do
these. There is not wrong to want what we want in life, God has written our paths differently, and eventually his will* will be fulfilled***
But we need to keep praying & helping each other every way we can. #pray for yourself #pray for your family #pray for your friends #pray for your country #pray for your nation,#pray for the World*** for if there is positivity around u & the world is a better place, you yourself are closer to Ur dreams,
and u definitely will find bliss. May God’s Love & favor remain with us all in all we do and aspire for. #Bless.

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