9ice; Forget Politics Now, Improve Your Spoken English First, By Osaremen Ehi James

Each time I listen to Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State, I tell myself this is the kind of leader we need in Nigeria, not those who don’t know their bearings.

By now, one would think someone like 9ice will surround himself with people who can make him a polished man and not the dropout singer that God smiled on and made his ‘Gongo Aso’ single a hit, which later enabled him sing for late Nelson Mandela.

Since he made his intention known to contest in the House of Representatives elections in 2015 with the aim of representing the good people of Ogbomosho, Oyo State, there have been different views on his ability to deliver, noting some of his widely reported flaws.

Above is one of his campaign posters on the internet and it is very disheartening to note that at this stage, 9ice cannot get a proof reader to crosscheck every message he is passes out to the public. Please note ‘Ogbomosho must be renew’.

9ice, haba, spend this money to achieve your ambition. Is this the kind of politician we want to breed at this stage? If yes, I would advise you return to school first before joining politics. Oh, I remember, you are already running an online programme. Abeg, return to LASU or any physical school jare. If you must represent my constituency, the youth, I need you to be very articulate and surpass or match the intelligence of Fashola.

Kindly let us have hope in the new Nigeria. Next time, thoroughly go through messages of your campaign posters to avoid such error. I wish you success in your political career. ‘9ice must be renewed’.

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