9 Ways Guys With Low Self Esteem Show Desperation When Trying To Get A Girlfriend



For a guy to be termed hot cake in ladies’ circle, he needs to portray attractive, that is, good physical appearance, good clothings, good behavioural pattern and most importantly, financial stability.

As a matter of fact, low self esteem guys often have misplaced priorities especially when it comes to getting a lady. Below are the desperation they display;

1. He Claims Mr. Handsome

You see him uploading pictures at regular intervals on nairaland, facebook and it likes. Some will even go as far as creating a thread asking people to rate them. Hugwash !! This is a display of low self esteem.

2 Unnecessary Show Off

Because it wants to show off at the ATM point, and other places, he will make sure those ladies on the queue see the sum of money he withdrew. Also, in a situation where he just purchase a new phone, “person no go hear word again”. This is period where @ the sight of any babe, he shows off the new asset.

3. Hit Gym for body built

Good body physic is the dream of every guy but some are just so silly that they enter into the gym with the mentality of ” I want to gym so that ladies will fall for me”

4. He Borrows Everything

He borrows jewels, clothes and wrist watches from his rich friend the moment he wants to approach a lady. Some even go as far as borrowing someone else’s car to woo babes

5. Claims false relationship with top celebrities

Because he was privilege to take a photograph with Oritse Femi, social media no go hear word again. He goes about uploading the picture on facebook, twitter, instagram, badooo, nairaland and so on. This is a bid to make ladies see him as a big boy

6. He Becomes Father Christmas

I mean what’s the big deal telling a lady what you can afford to buy for her and what you cannot ? I have seen the case of a dude who took a lady on a date and spent all on her . When it was time for them to depart, he handed the lady N2, 000 and had to trek home (one hour walk). This is nothing but low self esteem

7. Praise the Lady even If she does silly things

This is common to ass / butt licking guys landing praise on ladies who display stupidity @ the highest level. To add salt to injury, they give silly shout out to them without a cogent reason why they are doing such.

8. Excessive Calls, Smses and pms

There’s a whole lot of difference between showing love and troubling a lady’s life.. He calls unnecessarily, sends unwanted messages, pms and begs her to please reply her pms/whatsapp message. This is pure rubbish cos you need not do all these poo before a lady develop interest in you

9. He becomes Ladies Puppets

I can go angry for lady when she’s yet to accept my proposal. However, the rate at which guys present themselves because they want to win a lady’s heart is so annoying. They will send recharge card to her and still beg her to please call them with it. I mean what height of low self esteem is that ?


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