8 Most Expensive Cities In Nigeria



This comes as no surprise, Abuja is an expensive city even by world standards. Politicians who have made Abuja their abode have an unending stash that drive up prices. With record breaking real estate costs. A detached 6 bedroom duplex in Maitama or Asokoro goes for anything from 500 million to 1 billion naira!! (Google is your friend). Food is more affordable, so far it is not processed. Of course there are less expensive suburbs but you have to endure longer commutes to the city centre.

Port Harcourt

Being Nigeria’s oil capital has it’s downsides. PH is expensive, infact it is arguably on average more expensive than Abuja. It has a significant number of upper middle class from the oil sector and other walks of life. Food is particularly overpriced in PH and so is decent accommodation. What of private schools in PH, they will certainly make you consider the number of children you want to have.


The nation’s economic capital is what you want it to be for you in terms of cost. However, if you want comfort and security in the form of accommodation, you will have to pay very dearly. Especially if you work on the island. A room, parlour and Kitchen in Ikoyi, VI or Lekki can range from 400 to 600k per annum. Of course most people are left no choice than to endure the long commute to work and back.  Those working on the mainland have cheaper options to explore. Lagos however, has the advantage of availability of cheaper consumer goods from clothing, household components to cars. But the stress does come at a price.


This may come as a surprise but Owerri’s unique location in the SE heartland has made it a popular destination. This has driven up the cost of living. A 3 bedroom flat goes for an average of 30k a month.  Food is more expensive relative to other SE cities. Even with the rate of new hotels being built, hotel rooms are still expensive. And the cost of labour in this town is high.


This blossoming city, has grown tremendously in a short time and so has the cost of living. Real estate prices have shot up, and cost of transport has also gone up. If you are young and looking to save money in Uyo, you just have to cook your food. The good side is that you actually get a higher quality of life at a relatively OK cost.


This former capital of Nigeria continues to attract people with its serene environment and friendly residents. But this does not come cheap. Calabar’s conformity drives up cost. In December Calabar goes up higher on the list as thousands flood in for the famous carnival.


This city is quite similar to PH. The presence of the refinery/oil sector has made the cost of living here well above other Nigerian cities.


This city is experiencing a real estate boom and what many residents took for granted in terms of rent, is beginning to bite. Enugu’s improved road network, security and international airport together with its regional status, continues to attract wealthy retirees and returnees. This has slowly started driving up prices. Labour and food are still relatively affordable.


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