7 Reasons Why Nigerian Ladies Keep Sugar Daddies

sugar mama

It has become the norm of the society for young Nigerian ladies to have affairs with sugar daddies.

Now I’m sure someone’s going to think Why young ladies? Aren’t women in their mid-30s and 40s having sugar daddies too? It’s like a trend and that’s got me thinking and here are some points why it’s happening.

1. To be financially buoyant

The sugar daddies’ pockets are usually swollen. The young men of these days are either too conscious of the way they spend or they are saving towards marrying some hot chic. But the Big men have lesser responsibilities and so could afford to let loose a little change. After all, it’s either their kids are married or out of town.

2. To connect with happening people in town

The sugar daddies have worked while they were young and must have invested in many sectors of the economy. Hence, they seem to have friends almost everywhere. And as such, the ladies love to hang around people with names or influence. It gives them a sense of belonging.

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