5 kinds Of People You will Meet At An Owambe Party In Lagos

It’s another weekend and in Lagos, every weekend brings about an owambe to attend. You are sure to see people in their aso ebi hurrying to wedding or burial ceremonies. Whether it is on the Island or the mainland part of the city, the atmosphere and the groove is the same.


The Host’s Best Friend (s)

If you attend an owambe in Lagos, these people need no introduction. They take the (un)solicited role of the helper. Even if they didn’t make it known before the ceremony that they are close to the host, the owambe presents a great opportunity to ‘form familiarity’. You can’t but notice them as they slide from one corner of the space to another. Even if you are particularly closer to the host than they are, don’t try to compete with them because it’s a game they know how to play very well.


The Gate Crasher(s)

It is almost impossible to attend an owambe in Lagos and not meet people who have attended without invitation from the host. Some of them don’t even know the purpose of the ceremony but they stick out like a sore thumb. The gate crasher doesn’t even care if his outfit matches or is similar to the one every other person has on. Some of them might actually jus be pa$$ers-by who decided to take advantage of the free meal. They don’t care how you perceive them though so need given them a bad eye!

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