14yr Old Boy Arrested for R,aping Neighbor’s Pet Chicken to Death


A teenager has been arrested by cops after a neighbour accused him of R,aping his pet chicken to death. Mansab Ali said the 14-year-old boy stole the hen from his shop, in Jalalpur Bhattian, Pakistan, before carrying out the bizarre S3x attack.

The local lad allegedly confessed to cops he did it because he was feeling “S3xually frustrated.”

“The hen died while being S3xually assaulted,” said a policeman.

“Two persons witnessed this act.”
The teen was detained for an “unnatural offence” reports the Express Tribune.

Police chief Sarfraz Anjum added the suspect was arrested after a medical examination of the hen confirmed the assault.

“He is a 14-year-old boy and did it out of S3xual frustration,” the officer said.

*In September, a taxi driver was accused of R,aping a puppy to death after allegedly boasting about the sick act to a pal while drunk.

Naresh Kumar, 34, reportedly had S3x with the dog, named Jenney, before dumping her in a nearby industrial area in Delhi, India.

She “died due to excessive bleeding from private parts and shock,” a post-mortem revealed.


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