13 Things Every Young Person Should Know


1. “Growing up” doesn’t suck. It’s a time of learning and adjusting.

2. You were only friends with the majority of your school friends because you were forced to be with them seven hours a day, five days a week. There’s gonna be some separation, and the true friends will stick around.

3. Absolutely nobody owes you any-bleeping-thing. Not your mom or your dad, your grandparents, your teachers—nobody. Get off your Bottom and work for what you want.

4. Take advice when you can get it. There are plenty of adults who are more than happy to give you their two cents on any given life topic. Take advantage of their wisdom and stop being so damn stubborn.

5. For the singles; Acting bitter toward the lovey-dovey couples you always see around is the reason why you’re single. No need to be judgmental of others’ relationships…focus on you and your nonexistent relationship.

6. Your nonexistent relationship is completely all right. Take time to truly get to know yourself before you begin to incorporate a whole new person into the picture.

7. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, etc. are awesome ways to keep up with friends, but you must realize that social media is where people share the best part of their lives. You don’t see their burnt dinners, their ugly breakups, their failed exams or posts about how much weight they have gained. Stop using it as a medium to compare lives.

8. As much as paying rent sucks, at least you have the opportunity to do it. But, umm, pitching up a tent in the corner of the park next to the hobos is oh-so-tempting.

9. Relying on a significant other to bring happiness into your life leads to countless tubs of ice cream, lonesome pizza binging, and a couple of tears. But mainly the first two.

10. Family first. And family doesn’t automatically mean blood related. “Blood is thicker than water,” but ketchup is thicker than blood, so what does that mean? French fries first, duh.

11. You may have it hard, but somebody has it harder, and they aren’t making up excuses as to why they can’t do something. They are making poo happen. Go make poo happen.

12. It is not necessary to document everything you do on social media. You don’t need to put your whole life on display. Unplug yourself and have a little bit of fun.

13. Saving money is probably a good idea and all. However, the tighter you hold onto your money, the more stress it’s going to bring you. Money comes and goes; it’s OK to splurge on random poo every once in a while!


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