10 Ways to Make Him Crazy About You



Nothing is better than being in a relationship where the guy is head over heels in love. If you want to make a guy crazy about you, it only takes a little bit of patience. The following steps will make it easy for him to fall completely in love with you.

Wear Perfume or A Specific Scent

In the past, researchers have performed studies that have shown that scent is one of the most powerful memories. Even when we cannot remember where we smelled a scent, we recall smelling it in the past. It may sound superficial, but picking a specific scent can make guys fall head over heels for you. Choose a flirty perfume and dab a little on the wrists. Before long, he will associate that smell with being around you.

Be Involved With His Friends and Family

If your friends hated the guy, it would make you question your relationship. The same thing goes for your date. Guys are loyal to their close friends and family. Learn how to get along with his friends and ask genuine questions about his family. If you honestly care about his close connections, he will be crazy about you.

Enjoy Your Life

It may not seem relevant, but enjoying your life is attractive. No one wants to spend time with a downer. If you are constantly depressed, it will only drive him away. Someone who is confident and loves their life is attractive. Learn how to enjoy your life and your guy will fall head over heels for you.

Be Independent

Men tend to be turned off by girls with low self-esteem or a clingy nature. Be independent and show that you can get by on your own. Your independence is attractive and a surefire way to keep his interest.

Stay Beautiful

What is on the inside may matter most, but your personality was not the first thing he noticed. Even though we like to think that looks do not matter, the truth is that they matter greatly. In long-term relationships and marriages, it is easy to let your looks slip. Whatever you did to attract him originally, you should keep doing. Whether it was curly hair or a natural look, that style is what attracted him to you.

Parasites Not Welcome

When we fall in love, it is far too easy to become wrapped up and excessively clingy. You may want to spend all of your time with him, but constantly sticking to him will only push him away. A little absence will make the heart grow fonder. When he needs space, let him have it. By knowing when to be close and when to stay away, you will make him go crazy for you.


Jealousy is one of the worst things anyone can do in a relationship. Some ladies try to flirt with other guys or spend all their time with friends in an effort to make their love interest jealous. In some relationships, this may work. For most relationships, a delicate balance of together time and friend time will serve best. You want to give him enough time to miss you and not so much time that it makes him jealous. If you have already made it official and are going out, flirting with others should be stringently avoided.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Unique

No two people are exactly the same and there is no reason you should try to be. You have unique qualities and you should let them shine. These attributes set you apart and are attractive to your significant other. Don’t be afraid to let your individualism and unusual traits out.

Learn to Listen

If you want to catch your crush, you have to listen. Everyone likes to feel like someone cares and wants to pay attention to them. The best way to show that you care is to listen to what he says. Guys like it when the girl they care about cares about them too. Instead of always talking about your own passions and interests, let him speak his mind. He may not always be as vocal with his feelings, but he will open up eventually.

Be Yourself

You have to be yourself. If you are pretending to have different qualities or attributes, your guy will be falling for a lady that is not you. Over a few weeks or months, he will discover that what he is dating is a fraud. Likewise, a guy who is not interested in who you are at the start is not a person that you will end up spending your life with. You need to find a guy who likes you for who you are. Make sure to be yourself and he will be crazy for you.

Stick to these ten tips and you are sure to make your crush fall head over heels. Be yourself and be involved in his life. If he thinks you care about his life, he will love you for it.


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