10 Tips on how to ‘French kiss’ properly


Did you know that the French kiss did not originate in France? Well, of course, no one can really know where the passionate kiss originated from, but it is thought that the term French kiss, was first used as an insult to the people of France, because they were considered to be immoral and promiscuous!
There is no wrong or right way to enjoy a French kiss, but here are some useful tips on French kissing that you might find helpful:

1. Pick your perfect moment

The best time for a passionate, French kiss is a quiet, romantic moment alone. Don’t force the issue; just wait until the time is right. You’ll both know when.

2. Nose clash is a NO NO!
Another one of good French kissing tips is to avoid having your faces directly in front of each other. Tilt your head, slightly to one side, so you can avoid the embarrassing nose clash. It is quite funny when that happens, but it does rather spoil the mood!

3. Don’t rush into it
You don’t need to rush straight into a full blown French kiss. It’s supposed to be romantic as well as passionate. Start with a gentle, normal kiss, to start things off.

4. Come up for air!
Take a break now and then, and look into each other’s eyes. It gives you a chance to share a smile, and take a breath too.

5. Use your hands too
Next one of useful French kissing tips is to use your hands. Don’t just leave your hands hanging limply at your sides; use them to embrace your partner. Place your hands around their waist or their neck. Or, for that extra bit of romance, cradle the back of their head in your hands.

6. Keep things moving along
Believe it or not, even French kiss can get boring. Don’t leave your lips, or tongue still for more than a second or two. Vary your style and you both will enjoy the kiss more.

7. No sandpaper lips!
Our next French kissing tip is to keep your lips exfoliated. You don’t want your partner to think he just kissed some sandpaper, so keeping your lips exfoliated and moisturised is a good idea too.

8. It really is no problem if you laugh
It happens, so don’t worry if you laugh and don’t be offended if your partner does either. Sometimes nerves can get the better of you, so a little release of the tension won’t hurt at all.

9. Follow your partner’s lead
You don’t need to be an expert to French kiss, it just comes naturally. If in doubt, or you’re with someone new, then just follow their lead and see where it goes. It will still be a magic moment.

10. Don’t forget about your breath Another one of great French kissing tips is to remember about your breath. You don’t need to be obsessive about your breath and, if you have both eaten garlic, it will be fine. However, if you were the only one who chose the spicy, garlic option from the menu, then a refreshing mint wouldn’t go amiss.

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