10 Natural Ways To Reduce Your Weight In Thirty (30) Days.


weight loss

Now, When we talk of weight loss, we refer simply to decrease in the amount of body fluids and fats yielding to reduction of the total mass of the body. And in this piece we are going to look at 10 ways through which weight can be reduced naturally within a stipulated time of 30days.

They are :


  1. Being Determined, Focused And Self Motivated: This comes in at number one (1) spot because it is an essential psychological aspect of losing weight naturally. Immediately you reach a consensus with your inner self to lose weight, you have to motivate yourself, be determined and focused. You need these three factors to be able to initiate the steps you will take in other to achieve your objective of decrease in weight. Definitely, at a point you will have a feeling that the steps you outlined are not yielding good results but don’t lose hope, infact never lose hope because losing weight naturally takes time and also bear in mind that Patience Is Rewarding. Also make sure you don’t give yourself a deadline. Since losing weight is your main objective, you must be determined, motivated and focused in other to achieve the goal.
  2. Reduce Food Intake: In other to reduce weight, you must reduce the percentage of the food you consume. This is not a period that you can consume whatever food you like. You must set up a good food or diet diary which will go a long way in curbing high food intake by you. You can as well seek the advice of health professionals (nutritionists) who will advice you on the best food to eat.
  3. Develop And Maintain Your Food Diary: Improper diets contributes a lot to weight gaining so it is advised that a food diary should be developed and maintained. You can do this by consulting nutritionists or weight loss professionals who will list out the types of food that you need to consume which will help you a lot in your quest for a decrease in weight. After developing your food diary, the most important step to take is to adhere to it and never to deviate. It is advised that fast foods are avoided as they yield to lots of fats and calories in the body after digestion.
  4. Not Only In The Gym: The exercise involved in losing weight naturally is not done only in the gym. Though the gym is the best place to exercise in terms of some important training equipments found there but you can as well be involved in some home and simple exercises like jogging from place to place, walking long distances and  marathon. All these forms of exercises helps in burning fats and calories in your body. Exercises also aids in the avoidance of diseases caused by excess fats. Exercises done in the gym requires the supervision of a fitness instructor whose instructions and guidance will go a long way in reducing your weight.
  5. Consumption Of Vegetable And Natural Fruits: This is another essential step in curtailing weight gain and increasing weight loss. Natural fruits contain are highly rich in terms of nutritional contents and they contain less calories. Steamed vegetables are also good for weight loss as they contain less calories and are highly rich in nutrition. Fruits and steamed vegetables should be used sometimes in place of meals in other to curtail high intake of calories. Carbonated drinks contains high calories and should be avoided.
  6. Don’t Skip Breakfast : Studies by some nutritionists have shown that many people who eat breakfast are not liable to overeating during the day. But when you skip your breakfast, and its time for lunch, definitely you are prone to overeating as you will be psychologically ‘spiced’ up to consume more in other to ‘make up the space created in the morning’.
  7. Drinking Of Water: Water, they said, is life. In order to achieve your stated goal and objective (which is weight loss), you must display some aquatic traits which most importantly include consumption of water. Losing weight naturally includes high rate of water consumption. It is believed that consumption of at least eight (8) glasses of water each day is ideal for weight loss. An increased percentage in water intake also aids in controlling over eating and keeps your system mechanically fit.
  8. Drinking Of Green Tea : Some call it Chinese tea or Indian tea due to its source. Some of the green tea available are either produced in china, philistine or India. Some green leaves are also produced locally but are not yet scientifically proved. Scientists have proved that drinking green tea aids a lot in the reduction of weight. It contains antioxidants which aids in burning of fat. It is nutritionally advised to at-least drink a cup of green tea after each meal. Green tea is effective when no sugar is added to it.

Avoidance Of Sugary Foods / Substances: Studies by scientists proves that consumption of sugar and some sugary products increases the oil and fats level in the body thereby leading to weight gain. It is advised that a patient undergoing treatment in weight should avoid sugar and sugary products in order to achieve a desired result (losing weight). Chocolates, peppermints, chewing gums, candy are to be avoided. 

  1. Sleeping On Time: Yes and I mean Sleeping on time. It is advised that an individual should sleep on time at least by 10pm. Sleeping on time enables you to wake up on time and generally keeps you healthy, fit and stable to face the day’s routine for weight loss.


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