Your First Day At Work: Make An Impression

Starting a job is always a stressful time, and you, as a employee, need to take care of a number of , from the way you look to making sure to remember everyone’s name. There is nothing more important than making a good impression on your coworkers and bosses, and your first day at work is the perfect time to start establishing your position. Find out what to do when you’re just starting your job!

Get there early

There is nothing worse than being late on your first day at the job, but showing up exactly on time isn’t ideal either. The best strategy is to be there 10 to 15 minutes early, so that you could get to your work station, unpack your , turn on your computer, and start working without any rush. If you’re driving to work, we recommend practicing the route one or two times so that you know every turn and traffic light.

Come prepared

In order to show how much you care about your position, you should start your first day with enough of knowledge about the company, its structure, mission, and key people. Ideally, you should complete this step before you make it to your first job interview, so that now you could just refresh your memory without ending up looking uninformed in case a question about the company arises and you are not able to answer it.

’t forget to ask questions

No matter if it’s your first job or you’ve simply switched positions – your first couple of weeks at the workplace are going to be filled with questions and concerns, and it’s very important not to keep yourself from asking them. If you’ve already talked to some of your colleagues, you’ve probably taken notes on who’s the most willing to talk – that’s the person you should ask. However, try not to ask too many questions on your first day, since you’ll have plenty of time to learn everything.


Smile more

If you want to leave a positive first impression, smiling as much as possible is one of the most efficient ways to do it. Smile when you are introduced to your new coworkers, smile to your colleagues across the room, and smile when you talk to them in the elevator or by the water cooler. Smiling is a great way to demonstrate how happy you are to have gotten the job and how eager you are to in, which is something people always notice and remember.

Where to find a new job

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