‘You must get a degree’ – Davido’s father insists

They say the biggest legacy a parent can leave for his-her children is education.

Every parent no matter the circumstances strives hard to live up to that statement and so is Nigerian billionaire businessman Deji Adeleke who seems hell bent on seeing one of his sons David ‘Davido’ Adeleke attending and graduating from University like every other child.
The last two years have been a handful for Davido – he didn’t just make a very successful debut in the Nigerian music scene but accelerated to the A-list spot, something that has taken other A-listers years to achieve. He’s released a debut album with chart topping singles, won international awards and performed in and out of the country, what else could he ask for?
Well, Davido isn’t doing the asking, his father is; more like demanding. sources say Mr Adeleke wants his son to enrol in a University and graduate with a degree.
And to make that happen, he has reportedly built an entire department at Babcock University (where he is currently a provost) for Creative Arts which will have Davido and his manager Kamal as the only students for now.
We’re told he has also bought a dedicated car which take the boys to and from school as they work to combine academic commitments with show business.
Davido and Kamal (who had to go back to school because of Davido’s father’s insistence) are using the opportunity to bond, a source tells us.
It is also likely his celebrity cousins Bayo ‘B.Red’ and Sina ‘Sinarambo’ Adeleke will be joining them soon.
‘Davido’s dad believes a lot in his music and HKN. He thinks David can take it to the next level but he also feels education is compulsory foundation for his son’, a source to the family tells us.
We learn he has been helping to put up necessary structures that’ll ensure the boys don’t mess things up. For starters, Mr Adeleke insists on meeting with everyone working with his son.
And the young pop star has so far been co-operative.
Davido’s mother Vera, an educationist herself was until her death in 2003, a lecturer at Babcock University.

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