You don’t have to believe me – Man who trekked from Lagos to Abuja




Hashimu Suleiman , the man who trekked from Lagos to Abuja as a vow he made should Buhari win Nigeria’s presidential election,spoke during his dream meeting with the president-elect.Hashimu said

“I made a promise because of the love I have for Mr President that if Buhari should win the 2015 elections, I will trek from Lagos to Abuja which I have done. I thank God that I made a promise and I fulfilledthe promise.I passed through Kwara and Niger states to Abuja. I was trekking from 6.00am to 6.00pm and anywhere I find myself when it is 6.00pm, I pass the night there.I spent 18 days from Lagos to Abuja. Once I found myself inside the bush by 6.00pm and I managed to continue the trek till 9.00pm to a nearby village. I made this promise two years ago. I am based in Ibadan and I started my journey from Lagos, because Lagos is the most popular city in Nigeria and I started from Berger junction in Lagos.

I am not bothered about what people think. It is a promise between me and my God. I don’t want anybody to believe me. I left Lagos because I made a promise. Right from Kwara state, I never walked alone for five kilometers. People always walk with me to the next village. I work with a construction company based in Ibadan.”.

Buhari told him:

“I want to congratulate you for making it. He is a young man and he was lucky that his health did notfail him. I also heard so many stories that you wore almost half a dozen pair of shoes. I also understand that there are people who have been quite generous to help you to pay for pairs of shoes”.


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