Women Always Regarded Incomplete Without Marriage—Charly Boy

Charly Boy

Maverick artiste, Charles Oputa, who is fondly called Charly Boy, has shared his opinion on the way women are viewed in Nigeria as incomplete when they are yet to get married.

Area Fada, as the former PMAN president is also called, stated that the society puts pressure on women of marriageable age to settle down with a man, not minding if it would eventually work or not.

In his Facebook post, the Abuja-based entertainer said, “More women are career orientated and because of this, marriage somehow takes the back burner.

“However, no matter how successful a woman is in our society, irrespective of what she achieves in her career, or how financially independent she becomes, society still looks at it as incomplete.

“It is always expected that she crowns it all with a husband attached to her and where she fails to get married, her success is always tagged with a clause. Marriage is a Nobel institution even though we don’t think it’s meant for everybody.”

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