Woman Strangles Relative To Death After He Rap£d Her Daughter

A woman beat her relative, strangled him to death, then tossed his body into lake after he Rap£d her daughter.

The Burmese woman, Noo was been arrested in Thailand for beating her relative to death after he Rap£d her daughter.

The 40-year-old woman living in Chonburi returned to her homeland leaving her daughter in the care of a relative while she was gone.

Upon return from her trip, she was told by her daughter that the relative identified simply as Oo, had Rap£d her.

Noo bided her time. Then while Oo, 38, was drunk and asleep she attacked him over the head with a metal pole. She then strangled him until he was dead with an electrical cord.

She then dragged him by the sarong to a large lake behind a factory that makes wooden pallets. She tied him to a lump of wood to make him sink and tossed him out among the trash in the lake.

The bloated body was found in a one rai lake behind Advance Pallet (2009) Co Ltd in Ban Bung, Chonburi.

Ban Bung police spoke to Noo’s daughter who told them that her mother had killed him. Her mother was arrested and taken on a reenactment of the crime that she has admitted to.

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