Woman Stabs Pastor To Death In Calabar For Trying To Rap£ Her During Deliverance


Indeed, wonders shall never end! A pastor from Cross River State, identified as Pastor Oliver Akpan has been stabbed to death by a woman who claims he tried to r*pe her during a deliverance session.

According to reports, Pastor Akpan, married with six children, had long been suspected to sleep with some of his church members, both the married ones and the single ladies but unfortunately for him he met his match in the woman identified as Mrs. Ekamma, who is also married with two children.

Mrs Ekamma had gone to the Pastor to seek help over some spiritual attack she was facing and Pastor Akpan had recommended a three day dry fasting for the woman to be carried

d out in the church and on the final day, have a spiritual bath to ward off the evil spirit.

After going through the fast, the pastor led the woman to a stream to have the spiritual bath…

But he had other ideas in mind as he was said to have told the woman that part of the bath included having s*x with her but when she refused, he attempted to forcefully have his way with another man’s wife.

As the woman tried to free herself, she allegedly picked up a sharp stick and stabbed him in the stomach, before running to the village to alert other members of the community.

By the time they got to the spot, the wounded pastor had lost consciousness as he bled profusely. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors confirmed he died before he was brought in.

The woman was initially arrested by police but was released on bail while investigation is still on going.

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