Woman kills her husband, cooks heart, nose and genitals


A 71-year-old woman has been ordered to undergo psych tests after it was discovered that she killed her husband and cooked his heart, nose and genitals.

The woman was arrested on May 22 in the northern French town of Longwy. According to sources, this woman has been dubbed “the female Hannibal Lecter” after the fictional cannibal character in the book turned movie, ‘Silence of the Lambs’.

This French woman killed her 80-year-old husband with a kitchen mortar after which she cooked his heart, his nose, and his genital organs in a pot. It is unknown whether she actually ate all of this.

The woman’s lawyer, Caroline Depretz, said the woman suffered from delusions, it was “Obviously a fit of madness”, Depretz said.
“Mrs Lecter” is being held in in a prison psych unit and she is to undergo psychiatric testing to determine whether or not she can be held responsible for her rather cannibalistic actions.

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