Wizkid splashes millions on Jewellery

It’s 2013, Ayodejii Ibrahim Balogun a.k.a Wizkid isn’t holding back on living the glamorous life of a superstar.
The popstar recently posted some pictures of a few of his luxury items, including two Rolex watches, two gold Versace necklaces, sunglasses, four pairs of high top sneakers and a pair of Versace shoes.
Investigations show that the newly acquired items run into millions in cost price. The picture of the watches on instagram was posted with the caption ‘My fav 2…need to get more tho!
The Rolex watches, for instance, are estimated to cost an average of $9000 (approximately N1.3m) each, while those who know, say the gold necklaces are worth over N200,000.
While some observers have argued that the EME artiste is engaging in senseless spending, instead of investing the money in more profitable ventures, others have backed him up, saying it’s his money and he can use it  however he likes.
Earlier on in the year, the 23-year old, who now ranks amongst the highest earning Nigerian entertainers, acquired an expensive property in a choice area of Lekki, Lagos, reportedly worth over N140m.
2012 was indeed a great year for the hit-maker, who landed a major endorsement deal with Pepsi, bought a fleet of cars and toured Europe, Asia and America.
‘Wizzy’ has also had a few international collaborations which have further boosted his profile, and in April, his mixtape will finally be released.

Wizkid's expensive jewellery. (1)
 Wizkid's expensive jewellery. (3)
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