Wizkid and Davido Should Grow Up-Charles Novia


Nollywood director, Charles Novia, always known for having an opinion on every trending issue, has aired his opinion on the recent rift between music artistes, Davido and Wizkid. He said the both of them should start acting like their real ages and expects them to be matured.

According to him “Isn’t it about time Davido and Wizkid start acting their real ages? There is a level of maturity expected from guys above 21 years”. The movie director pointed out that idle distraction only help in destroying their careers “when they start beefing as much as they do, the focus of their artistry gets lost. Idle distractions only help in destroying their careers” he said.

He said the music artistes’ fans are taking sides on their beef which may risk the sale of their albums in future. “Their fans taking sides, the industry gets polarized and it doesn’t augur well for future sales of both albums”. Charles Novia says bloggers are the only ones profiting from the rift. “So, they should know that the only people profiting from their beef are the bloggers and entertainment news hounds. Fueling divisions”

Speaking further, “Next songs we might hear from each of those guys would be ‘I get fans pass you’ or ‘you no rich pass me’ Distractions from their main art. I like both of their songs. Davido has melodious and innovative compositions. Wizkid has organic and trend setting vibes. They are both good. But as leaders of a new school, the key lessons they should teach UNITY, HARMONY and BROTHERLINESS, enough said. And like I always say, my opinion. This goes out with much concern and arty respect for both Davido and Wizkid. Bury it.” he concluded.
Recall that Davido has already cleared the air on the rift, saying that Wizkid was only behaving childish but they are good now.


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