Should Wives Hide Money from Their Husbands? Toolz, Idia Aisien and Juliet Ibrahim Discuss on “Wrap Up” (Ep. 2)



Money is a main issue in many relationships. While some couples have figured out ways to remain accountable to each other, others have fallen short and gotten divorced because one or both parties couldn’t handle the money topic maturely.


On Episode 2 of Accelerate TV’s Wrap Up, Toolz is joined by Model / Presenter, Idia Aisien and Award-Winning Ghanaian Actress, Juliet Ibrahim to discuss money and relationships. While Idia is of the opinion that the woman should keep her money and some properties secret and away from her spouse, Juliet believes both husband and wife should be open about material things.


Using her former marriage as an example, Juliet Ibrahim talks about the mistakes she made and what she should have done better with her ex-husband.






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