Winter Olympics 2022: Schedule, Location, Betting Tips, and Other Things to Know


The Winter Olympic Games are some of the most stunning sports activities globally. It doesn’t get any better than watching the world’s most prominent men and women compete on the hillsides and ice rinks.

This year, following the NBC Olympic schedule, South Korea 2018 winner, Norway, as well as Germany and Russia have been earmarked as early favorites to win the most medals at the event in Beijing, China.

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Schedule & Location

According to Winter Olympics 2022 schedule, the games will be held six months after Tokyo Games, from Friday, 4th February through Sunday, 20th February 2022. The event will be hosted by China.


The 2022 Winter Olympics schedule shows that the game will take place in 3 zones in China; Yanqing, Beijing, and Zhangjiakou. The ice athletics, and four snow events, will take place in central Beijing, China’s capital. Yanqing, a hilly neighborhood of China’s capital situated 46.6 miles to the north of Beijing’s central city, would accommodate Alpine skiing and sliding events. A large percentage of the snowboarding and winter sports events will occur in Zhangjiakou, about 180 kilometers (111.8 miles) northwest of Beijing.

Betting Tips

For the 2022 Winter Olympics Games, bettors are expected to wager on their favorite teams and events in a bid to win major cash rewards. To help in this regard, here are a few betting tips to know.

  • Can I Legally Wager on the 2022 Winter Olympics?

Sure! Betting has become legal in 30 states, with almost all of them allowing wagers on the Olympics. The Supreme Court reversed PASPA, the regulation that barred smaller states from approving sports gambling, in May 2018. Ever since, states have also been able to enforce their betting and gaming laws, with each new parliamentary session bringing more advances and wider provision of legal, controlled betting. The Tokyo Olympics was the first one to allow spectators for most states other than Nevada to place a bet on the events lawfully. Sportsbook interest was high, and the grip was reliable and effective, resulting in increased income for betting sites even during the usually slow summer season.

  • Who are the Favorites?

Most bookmakers have Norway as the favorite to win the most medals at the 2022 Winter Olympics. They did win the highest number of medals at the last competition in South Korea, and are expected to come good again. Germany and Russia are some of the other teams to watch out for.

Most Popular Winter Olympic Sports

Winter Olympics is known to feature a number of relatively unknown sports. The best of the sports on display include:

  • Figure Skating

Among the most widely known winter Olympic games is figure skating, particularly women’s figure skating. Some might argue it may be the most renowned Olympic event overall. Millions of viewers keep tuning in to see the skaters pull off so many risky jumps and moves. And it is the only occasion when the phrase “triple salchow” is acceptable in casual conversation. The plots are just as entertaining as the activity on the ice.

  • Hockey

This is another popular sport that draws a lot of attention. People in Canada are more enthusiastic about Olympic hockey than Americans are about figure skating. As a testament to the popularity of this game; the cup final between Canada and the United States in 2010 was the top TV program in Canadian history. More than 80% of the country watched a part of the match. Canada, of course, dominated the game, and are the favorites to win gold in Beijing.

  • Alpine Skiing

To put it mildly, viewing an individual glide down the mountainside at over 70 miles an hour on a set of skis is captivating; that’s why alpine skiing has always been a fans’ favorite. Combine the beautiful scenery of the nearby mountains, and you have a must-see TV event. Beijing isn’t recognized as a hilly city, but China has several high mountains and breathtaking natural features that should give room for this sport in the winter games. Apart from hockey and figure skating, alpine skiing should be one of the most watched and gambled on in the next games.

Events That Will Make Their Olympic Debut in Beijing

After the Olympic schedule was released, we have learned of some new events that will be making their debuts at the winter Olympic Games. Some of them are:

  • Women’s Monobob

Bobsled has always been a technical arms race since its introduction to the games. However, it’s mainly for men. The good news is, a new event that mirrors it has been approved for women for the upcoming winter Olympics – monobob.

Monobob demands all contenders to use the same sledge designs, moving the focus away from technology and toward athletic ability. Smaller countries can also afford a new discipline. As per New York Times, monobobs cost only around a third of the price of those two-person equivalents, making room for more underdogs in the fashion of ‘Cool Runnings’.

  • Ski Jumping Mixed Team Event

From the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924, ski jumping has been a part of each Winter Olympics, but the women did not participate in this scene for yet another 90 years. For this year’s event, a ski jumping mixed team event that allows for female participation has been included to the delight of many fans.

  • Snowboard Cross Mixed Team Event

The mixed team competition, such as the men’s and women’s actions, begins with four competing companies sprinting together on a journey that includes banked turns, leaps, falls, and other obstacles. Crashes are prevalent, but deliberate contact is prohibited. The course, usually a little more than a kilometer long, benefits a balance between performance and speed.

Each team in the mixed team field consists of a man and a woman. The men run first, and their comparative finish times are passed on to their team members. Based on those times, the women begin their run staggered. It will be nice to see how this sport works out at the Olympics stage in 2022.

Final Notes

The China Olympics will indeed be remarkable for various reasons, the most significant of which is that Beijing was the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. As always, they are expected to be a great host, and fans are expected to be treated to the best of spectacles.


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