Where is Paul Play Dairo???

When Paul Play stormed the music scene with a resurrected version of his father’s Mo So Rire in 1999, everyone knew a star had been born and then he hit us again and again the following year with hit single’s An

gel of my life, Forever, You and me and his career shot for the skies, the rest you know is history.

But for long now, Paul Play has been missing in action. His illness being the number one reason that has sent him into a long hiatus and now Paul Play Dairo may have merged with history itself.

In an interview he granted a reporter early this year, Paul Play thankfully jumped back into our consciousness. In that interview, he admitted his disappearance; blaming it rightly on an illness that almost wiped his name clean off the slate of music or perhaps this very world. He said he had been taking time to recuperate and was now set to launch a new album which would be in limited supply as it was going to be an ”expensive” album… (just like 2face’s)

That interview is now more than six months old and music fans as they are known world wide have really short memory.

So on Star Search this week, we ask : Where is Paul Play Dairo? And we also ask you our readers to tackle this question: why do our celebrities who once had it big in music eventually fade away?

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