What Makes VTEK A Better Producer Than Other Nigerian Beatmakers!- Bimbo Olaitan


Lessons for other Nigerian producers and beat makers! IMO (In My Opinion)

When i met with VTEK for an exclusive interview i never thought i would be inspired to write an article from the encounter aside from the main interview. Just my Opinion, which i believe my other will agrees with me…

One of the biggest misunderstandings of the music industry is the difference between a producer and a beat maker. People automatically assume that if can make a beat you can be considered as a producer. That is incorrect. Most self-proclaimed “Producers” are not producers at all but beat makers and there is nothing wrong in being a beat maker because all producers started as beat makers too. Your ability to advance your skills and acquires more knowledge can make you a better producer.

Beat makers can create beats, record vocals, add sound effects, adjust and mixes songs and gives his opinion on an artiste’s performance during recording like producers and engineers but there is more to being a producer.

Producers creates or helps create the song, tells artistes what he wants and gets an artiste to put it down the proper way.  To be a music producer, you must be a competent arranger, composer or songwriter who can bring fresh ideas to songs. As well as making any songwriting and arrangement adjustments, the producer is also in charge of the creative mix.

My focus will be on VTEK, a young Nigerian born multi-talented rare gem- Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Mixing & Mastering Engineer and a seasoned professional musician.

I am sure his name must be sounding familiar to anyone following the Nigerian Music Industry or Nigerian Digital Music Portal- (Blogs). Please note this is not a hype or promotional article but straight facts.
Going back to the topic of this write up; What Makes VTEK a better producer and bankable asset than other Nigerian beat makers!.

Like his nick name “AWESOME” defines, VTEK is one young awesome celebrity producer cum multi-talented music business brand who Nigerians, Africans and the rest of the world will be celebrating for a long time to come soonest.

Following his activities, lifestyle, personality and business sense as a young music business entrepreneur; I saw the need to use him as a lead example in educating other fast rising music producers, beat makers and artistes aiming for top position as a celebrity.

The qualities VTEK portrays as a “PRODUCER” that makes him bankable than other young producers includes:  Concentrating on the technical aspects of recording, as a music producer he keeps an eye on every projects marketability. Encouraging the best musical performance, coaching the artiste and directing the backing vocals are just a few of the mixture of functions he performs during studio sessions. He act as a go-between, translating every project needs into the technician’s point of view and protecting the artistes and record labels interests.  As a creative and an innovative young mind he takes his music business entrepreneurship as a major priority above other things.  Aside being a successful young producer, his career as a songwriter and artiste is also something to be proud about.

Many in his position would have taken it as an advantage as a young fast rising producer/artiste working with the likes of PSquare as producer, being on a song with T-PAIN, Eedris Abdulkareem etc.  He focuses more on his vision in becoming a mega-superstar brand that will be a role model to others. Please note: Humility is important to become a successful businessman.

Clues on VTEK’s Qualities & Discipline- Extracted from the interview i had with him recently.

Advanced Musicianship
– Spent lots of time writing and collaborating on songs
– Plays a lot of instruments & trying out new things in production
– Has a feel for song structure
– Has a feel for placing the song in the right key
– Has a feel for establishing the optimum bpm and achieving tight timing
– Understands vocal technique and vocal issues

Plays Well with Others
– Gets along well with technical types
– Gets along well with artistic types
– Able to step into artistes’ dreams
– Someone people like being around
– Upbeat and positive
– Can deal with sensitive artiste egos
– Knows when to fight and when to surrender

Organizational Skills
– Has a plan for each session and post production
– Works methodically toward the finish line
– Schedules on-call studio time

– Knows gear, computers, and software (Always researching and learning new things)
– Understands digital and analog issues
– Familiar with mixing and mastering of sounds

– Has a burning desire to create great recordings
– Doesn’t get discouraged if things aren’t going well at a particular session
– Flexible, not afraid to try new things if something’s not working
– Unfazed by technical difficulties

– Able to visualize finished product
– Knows when an artiste has a better take in them and when to move on
– Knows if it’s worth it or when to suggest going over during sessions
– Has conviction in decision making without being dictatorial
– Knows when the song is done.

In summary, having all these qualities and working ethics as VTEK can earn any music producer millions of dollars in music publishing, if only they can be as smart as VTEK and few other Nigerian producers making millions as producers and songwriters.
Be on the look for my next write up. “Music Monetization- Nigerian Music Producers & Music Publishing”.

I remain your darling one and only Bimbo Olaitan @beanballmedia


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