We’ll Work Hard & Change Nigeria For Better – VP Osinbajo



Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has reassured Nigerians that the question of positive change in the country was irrevocable and the present administration was completely committed to it.

He spoke at a town hall meeting organised in Lagos by a group, United Action for Change, urging Nigerians never to lose hope.

Osinbajo said that change was not a mere slogan as the country could not survive going the way it had always gone. “The question of Change is irrevocable,’’ he said, assuring Nigerians that things, though difficult, would get better in the coming months due to some policies being put in place.

He re-emphasised that the Buhari-led administration is committed to changing the nation for the better.

He said, “I know that Nigerians are going through a very difficult time, so does the President. There is the power problem, there is fuel scarcity, even inflation, oh yes, but these are birth pains.

“You can be sure this is not going to be the end of the story; as a matter of fact, the end of the story is going to be a story of prosperity and abundance for the nation.”

VP Osinbajo said there was a determination by the government to ensure that the country changes its direction and the best chance to do so was with a honest and straightforward leader like President Buhari.

“We have no other agenda. You can look at our balance sheets after our tenure and you will find that we have not enriched ourselves,’’ he said.

The Vice President, who answered 20 questions put to him by the audience, said that the government was working to end the problem of recurrent fuel scarcity in the country.

Osinbajo said the N500bn social protection fund would revolutionalise the nation’s social security scheme.

He said that the economy is already being diversified and government only needed to encourage each of the sectors to stimulate growth and make them bring in more revenue and create jobs for all Nigerians.



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