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Popular , have disclosed that the reason why they went into gospel music and not secular songs was because they all were able to identify God’s purpose in their lives and that was the driving force.

According to the group, sometimes, people find love, hope and expression in the gospel. “There’s a difference between an inbuilt talent and the one you learn. For us in this group, this is the only thing we are destined to do, especially the gospel; we derive much joy in doing it.”

They stated that moreover, it is just an extension of good news to the people about who God is. “Why we have to stick to that is because that is the foundation we had. A lot of people usually have the foundation, but they go the other way. If you have a calling, you will take it deeper, but if you don’t have it, you will go the other way. For the , the gospel is a calling for us.”

Speaking on their challenges, they explained that it was what that was meant to happen because they are all from different background but their ability to stay head high is to put pride aside and face reality.

“Moreover, what we have been able to do is to put pride aside and face reality. We are those young people who struggled it out. We never had any company that sponsored us, or individual that gave us money so, we cannot destroy what we have built,” they added

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