VTEK Is Truly Awesome As Claimed And Deserve This Or More… (Testimony of a True Fan/Friend)


I may not be able forgive myself if I keep this to myself. This is a must-read for everyone who loves good music and follows the Nigerian Music Industry. Let me save the long story, I’ve known Victor (VTEK) for awhile now, and I have been following his activities and progress for years. His exceptional talent encourages other youths and gives the listeners an idea of the wealth that truly lies in the coming generation.

He accomplished many exciting things in the year 2013 that exemplified a sure next-rated and new revelation of the year in 2014. I know many are not really looking to his direction while making the list for next rated or talents to watch out for in 2014, but I tell you, he is a sure candidate and anyone who has ever had an encounter with him, or the opportunity to listen to his music collection or sounds archive, will agree he deserves to make many lists, if not all lists, based on contributions, achievements and talent. Time, they say, only tells the truth; so I believe time will tell…

Waking up today, I said to myself; Bimbola, you have to tell the world more about VTEK’s awesomeness.

Many mainstream media outlets are taking notice of this young talent; VTEK, with the likes of Bubbles Magazine, City People Magazine and mentions on several publications around Africa and the US late last year, after the release of his single “Spotlight” featuring Capital F.E.M.I of Kennis Music, and voted as the best most blogged Afro RnB/Pop single of September 2013. His story continues to grow with an endorsement from American RnB Singer A&R executive Mike Lee; mentioning on twitter that Africa should be proud that the boy VTEK was born, stating that he is “redefining afro r&b pop in the continent.”

A positive endorsement like this deserves attention and more. Being a friend to this young talent, and following his achievements from when we met, the stories I read about him to his work with Mode 9,Eedris, his production credits on all P-Square’s released singles last year from “Magical Healing”, “Unlimited” and “Personally”. Changing the airwave with his hoppy sound on Eedris “I Go Whooz” among several of his production credits that grace the airwave last year. He also had many international production and feature credits late last year. With such creative and lasting contributions like these, it will be bad on my part, as a friend, if I don’t applaud as loudly as I should, and bring real attention to the chap called VTEK.

This is not hype or promotional write-up, rather, the facts about a young talent who deserves to be celebrated by lovers of good music, the media and the industry.

From me to you; I say I big thank you to everyone that has contributed to the success VTEK has achieved so far. From bloggers to djs, radio presenters, journalists, the P-Square family, Kennis Music, his management team, and everyone from fans and friends.

I know the name VTEK will become bigger this year 2014, believe me; it’s more than just words but fact.

Do you Agree VTEK Can Rule the Music Scene in 2014? Google about him to learn more about him.

I remain your one and only Bimbo Olaitan of Beanball Media Blog @beanballmedia

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