Absolutely everyone has been buzzing about the new hit song ‘Good Life’ that was released by the multi-talented J Martins just over a week ago! Now, the word is out that an accompanying video is ALREADY set to be released very soon! J Martins is set to up the ante for creativity with this video, which reportedly features Ivorian music legends ‘Les Garagistes’ whose song was originally sampled in order to craft this work of art. One wonders, did J Martins really traverse the continent just to include that level of originality in his video? Did Les Garagistes even grant actual permission for their work to be sampled or reproduced? ou can find out all this and so much more in the short and engaging behind-the-scenes video. J Martins went from Ivory coast to DRC Congo to Paris to South Africa and LOS Angeles to put the masterpiece video together While we anticipate the GoodLife Video from J Martins who is a perfectionist, Enjoy and Spread this behind the scene video.

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