Victoria Kimani Accuses L.A.X of Lying About Their Relationship


Kenyan singer and Chocolate City act, Victoria Kimani has called out Rasaki Music Group Boss, L.A.X of lying that they are in a relationship in an interview he granted.

L.A.X who has been ‘famzing’ lately with the Kenyan music star, talked about meeting Wizkid, his relationship with Kenyan born singer, Victoria Kimani and his music in the interview.

On meeting Wizkid, L.A.X, who holds a Masters degree from the University of Manchester, said;

”I was in school and I had recorded about 10 songs at the time, so I sent my songs to my stylist (Toyin Lawani), who played the songs to Wizkid.

He called me later in the day and said, when you get back, we need to hook up and that is how we met at his house when I got back to the country”.

He also admitted he never actually planned to take music as a career, but he got inspired after several sessions where he followed his friends to the studio and was excited by the outcome of their works;

‘‘I used to follow my friends to the studio, so one day, they asked me to do something and I freestyled for them and everyone like it, but 2008 was the first time I recorded a song, shortly after my W.A.E.C exams”.

Caro was one of the biggest singles in 2014 but the singer says he didn’t immediately feel the commercial impact from the song because he was stuck in school studying, it was only on his return to the country that he understood how huge the song was.

”Wizkid called me to come perform at an event and the reaction was mad, and after the show, people had blocked my car, like see girls everywhere shouting my name, that was when I realised how huge my song is”.

When asked about the love of his life, the singer glowingly admits that he is dating Kenyan born singer and songwriter, Victoria Kimani.

‘The love of my life, my WCE is Victoria Kimani, that is the love of my life, and that is all I want to reveal for now”, he says.

However debunking the claims, Victoria Kimani wrote on the screenshot of the interview ‘Lies and corruption’.


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