Unique Ways to Travel the World

Everyone loves to travel, but sometimes you want to do something other than just fly to a destination, do a few touristy things, and then leave. If you’re wanting a more unique type of vacation this year, you certainly have options. It all comes down to you! 

Cruise Lines

If you are wanting a vacation where everything is taken care of for you, cruises will be your best bet. A cruise will get you to all the best destinations while handling meals and entertainment all on the same boat. No matter whether you prefer a Caribbean island with palm trees and sunshine or an Alaskan whale-watching tour with icebergs and seals, there is sure to be a cruise for you. Many cruise companies will even offer package deals that offer savings on certain trips, so be sure to shop around for the best cruise ships


Another benefit to going on a cruise is getting to see more than one place. If you just fly to your destination, you are pretty limited to where you can go. Usually, you can drive places but won’t get to see many other places outside of the main area you traveled to. With cruises, you will be able to stop at multiple places along the route, allowing you to see many different and interesting things. Again, cruise lines have a wide range of destinations, so there is sure to be one for your specific interests.  


If you prefer being more active instead of chilling on a boat, you might like a backpacking tour! Many historical locations, such as the European countryside or National Parks in the United States are popular backpacking destinations. While this type of travel may not have all the creature comforts like a cruise or a resort does, the views you’ll get and memories you’ll make are priceless. Depending on the trail or route you choose, there could be lodges and campsites along your path for you to stay at if you don’t wish to camp outside.


Another great aspect of backpacking is the cost. Because you aren’t relying on modern transportation to get you from point A to point B, you won’t be paying as much for your experience. Just because you are paying less doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out. With backpacking, you will get some of the best views in the world for a fraction of the cost. However, one downside of this style of traveling is that it does require a decent amount of physical fitness. Depending on where you are hiking, you could be going up a mountain or even scaling cliffs. If you aren’t confident in your physical abilities, this might not be the right type of travel for you. 

Food Tours

One thing that everyone enjoys is food. No matter if you are more active or prefer to relax, it’s fun to try new dishes from around the world. If you love to eat, especially at little eccentric restaurants where the food is unique and amazing, a food tour might be the perfect vacation for you. Food tours can be done anywhere, but you should definitely choose somewhere where you enjoy the cuisine. Italy is a great destination for those who love milder dishes that still are full of flavor, whereas Spain or Mexico might be better for those who like a little spice. 

If you’re wanting something a little closer to home, consider a wine tour! Many wineries on the west coast of the US will offer tastings along with meals and a tour of the vineyard. These complexes are absolutely gorgeous, and often boast beautiful views and amazing cuisine. If you want to stay in the country, but still want to get the foodie experience, try a wine tour out west. 

Overall, if you’re wanting something different than the usual flight and hotel experience from your traveling, you aren’t short on options. No matter what you enjoy, it is easy to find a vacation that you can relax on. The choice is yours for how you want to spend your time. 

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