UNIPORT Students Murdered: “Our boy has been buried in the FOREST”- Family

The coverage of the brutality and viscous violence endured by Ugonna, Llyod, Elkannah and Chidiaka- all students of the University of Port Harcourt- has reached a crescendo with people from all walks of life condemning the savage brutality that led to their deaths.
Naijaolofofo has been keeping tabs on the aftermath of the barbaric act and has spoken to a family member of Elkannah Tekena who explained how still shocked and horrified the entire family is.
The family member for has asked us not to reveal her identity, revealed that Elkannah was buried two days ago after extensive stitches to his burnt and severely battered body.
“Yes, he’s been buried.” The family member confirmed, “We recovered his body and we stitched it the best we could… It’s shocking the amount of brutality he and those boys endured. His body was beaten beyond repair, but yes, we’ve buried him.”
When asked about details of the burial, the source within the family continued, “We’re from Kalio Ama in Okirika Local Government Area, and in our custom, if you have endured the brutality, injuries and violence Elkannah endured, your body cannot be buried in town. So our 19-yr old boy was taken across and deep into the forest to be buried.”
The family source earlier stated that the family was still in shock and profound bewilderment after Elkannah and the three other boys were beaten to death and burnt by indigenes of Aluu community.

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