Uganda Singer Apologizes Over Her Leaked Private Pictures


Leaked Private Pictures

Last week, the internet was boiling over the lewd images of Ugandan singer,Desire Luzinda that was purportedly published by her lover, she has refused to bow down but telling us that she was not the one in that video. and also made a public apology too.

Desire said:

“When haters tried so hard to put down my concert with all sorts of terrible stories, I slapped them in the face with a very successful concert. Now that I am a hot cake and the HEAT is killing them, they have come up with a false Nood pic,”

“My dear haters, I am a born blessed winner and you can’t put me down. My skin is slightly lighter than that, my nose pin and tatoo would be showing in that posture and u should have at least put my face on that fake picture to make it look like me, how the hell did you forget that?”

“To all my fans in Uganda and all over the world, as you might be aware, there has been a lot of fanfare and discussion in the media and social media about my photos taken in private that were leaked to the public by a jilted lover.

“I want to sincerely apologise to my mother, to my daughter, to my family, to my friends, my fans and any other people who have been offended by these images. Like I said, this was a breach of trust by someone I loved.

“I take full responsibility for having lost my mind to take such shameful pics. This person has not only abused that trust but now seeks to drag me down. Those who have interacted closely with me know I am a decent person, a doting mother and an industrious woman.

“ These images in no way should define who I am. Let me also thank my numerous fans who have stood by me in this period—asking me to be firm amidst the tempest. Just to let you know, the responsible authorities are doing everything possible to ensure I get justice. Once again, accept my sincere apologies.


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