Two friends Arrested for Stealing Goat in Ondo state!


The suspected goat thieves, who reside at 49, Ijoka Road Dafog, Akure and 12 Arakale Street Akure, were arrested at 2, Ijigba Street, Oda Road, Akure at 3a.m. by officials of the command.

It was learned that one of the suspects, who confessed to the crime, said they wanted to celebrate the birthday of one of them, and that was why they stole the goat.

It was also learned that the owner of the goat raised an alarm when she did not see it that night.

A search was conducted and the goat was discovered where the suspects kept it, preparatory for slaughter the next day.

State Commandant of the NSCDC, Andrew Igwe Ugwumba, said the suspects would be charged to court for prosecution after thorough investigation.


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