Toyin Lawani’s Advice For Mothers


Toyin LawaniChildbirth don’t have to spell doom for your body shape and fashion sense. In fact, your life don’t have to be on a pause due to childbirth.

That seems to be the simple but profound message from the CEO of Tiannahstyling, Toyin Lawani who has really been showing that as a fashionista she has to look sweet and be a role model. A unique selling point to her customers after giving birth to her second child on the first of january, 2014.

And to prove what she has been preaching to other mothers, she has not added too much weight and tends on killing the fashion world with her hot pics posing with her post baby birth body…

She looks stunning though. And she even went on to tweet about her post baby activity even as she adviced other mothers by saying “ur life don’t have to be on a pause due to childbirth.”

Keep on rocking Sis…lol.

Toyin Lawani 4


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