1236967_572304022829267_1555268574_nPatricia Temitope Alabi (nee Obayomi) is a household name in Nigeria scene. Born over forty years ago into a catholic family, her parents had received a prophecy when she was seven years old that she would be a “great minister of God”.

The actress-turned-singer had paid her dues in the entertainment industry before finally locating her divine call in music. Her decision to dump the profession of make believe for the microphone has earned her awards one of which is Best Gospel Musician in Nigeria.

However, as scandal seems to be synonymous with fame, large section of the growing fans of the talented singer are begin to get upset with controversies rocking the ‘Oore Ti O Common’ crooner.

After her fall out with her erstwhile spiritual father,Late Prophet Iretiola Ajanaku,the beautiful singer seems to be courting more controversies as the day goes by.

Her mode of dressing/flashy and reddish skin of late as a gospel artiste has been a major concern to many of her ardent fans.

They were of the opinion that indecent dressing is ungodly and inimical to the growth of the Christian faith.
They believed that dressing is part of the worship but these days gospel artistes say God looks to the heart. It is what the heart sees that the body says.

Others were of the opinion that the sonorous singer is looking much lighter these days; suggesting that she’s bleaching her skin.

But the highly revered gospel singer has remained unperturbed about uncomplimentary remarks flying around about her mode of dressing and color of her skin.

According to her “My current marketer (Galaxy) released a life performance, Amazing Grace, where City People gave me an award as The Best Gospel Singer For the Year. People started criticizing me from churches, telling me that the way I dressed in that video was inappropriate.

They even said because I now apply makeup that I would go to hell. And funny enough I have been putting on earrings since I came out with Oore Ti O Common, I have been putting on trousers to follow my husband wherever we go, except church programmes.But what about my husband, won’t I dress to satisfy him?

My husband does not complain. He actually complains whenever I put on something like ( Iro and Buba).

He prefers it when I wear western clothes. He will even come back home and tell me whatever he saw ladies put on outside that he will like me to wear.

I can’t be going out shabbily dressed because I am singing ” she squealed

With her response, it seems she doesn’t care whose ox is gored.
More on this later!

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  • I have been hearing of Tope Alabi from the sound track she use to produce before she became real gospel musician. She is highly talented but recently I watched her video at Havila church program I developed much interest in her music. I followed up her stormy trouble with Prophet Ajanaku. I really thanked God she survived it not many people can survive that kind of problem thanked God she made it is a called gospel artist. She has such a deep Yoruba idioms and she is spreading gospel through her music as forthe husband the bible says “seeth man diligent in his work he will stand before king and not mean men” I thank God for his humility that has brought him to where he is today.

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