Top 10 Apps For Buying Shares In Nigeria


Top 10 Apps For Buying Shares In Nigeria

Thanks to the constant advancement in technology, several near impossible or stressful tasks are now made easy and flexible. Directly from the comfort of our beds with a phone in hand, we can do so much. From paying bills, shopping, and even buying and investing in shares.

With MTN’s ongoing plan to sell 575 million shares to the Nigerian public, many Nigerians’ curiosity about various investment opportunities peaked. The need to find the best investment applications out of an exhaustive list of applications has increased.

For beginners sceptical about using investment apps, here are the top 10 apps for buying shares in Nigeria.

  • Primary Offer App by NGX

The primary offer app is a digital application created by Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) to enable investors to engage with the Nigerian market. With the Primary Offer App you can buy parts of MTN shares easily. Through the POA you can purchase a minimum of 20 shares, with one share unit priced at N169 only. That means with just N3,360 you could own 20 MTN shares.

  • Trove

Trove is an investment app suitable for buying US, Chinese and Nigerian stocks in Nigeria. The Trove app has a flexible investment rate, meaning you can invest with as little as 1000 Naira on the app. Trove offers smooth and reliable transactions and features big Nigerian companies like Jumia, Dangote cement and even international brands like Netflix and Microsoft.

  • is an investment platform that allows foreign stock Investments in any currency. features investments in real estate and agriculture. With its fixed-income feature, you can get periodic investment rates every year for as long as you hold the assets. With the real estate plan, you can own real estate shares with as little as 10,000 Naira and enjoy over 18% interest every year.

  • Bamboo Invest

Bamboo is one of the best investment apps in Nigeria. It allows its users unrestricted access to over 3,500 stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the U.S Stock Exchange market. Bamboo offers high-security protection with its two-factor authentication and verification process to secure all accounts. It is flexible as it allows the funding of its account in both Naira and Dollars.

  • Piggyvest

Piggyvest is a savings and investment platform that allows you to invest while earning an interest rate. On Piggyvest, you can lock funds you don’t want to spend while making 13% interest on a portion of your savings over a fixed period.

It also features the option to target your savings on multiple goals. Piggyvest’s investment plan allows you to earn at least 25% interest rates over your capital.

  • Payvest by Carbon

Originally known as a loan app, Carbon provides easy loans for individuals. Carbon also has an investment app called Payvest. Payvest presents investment options between 10,000 Naira to 10 million Naira, and you can earn up to 16% interest. On the app, you can easily track your spending and investment from the dashboard through its simple interface. Payvest has a minimum investment amount of 100 Naira and offers the flexibility to withdraw and fund accounts anytime.

  • Rise

Rise investment platform presents to Nigerians the ability to unlock foreign investment opportunities from the comfort of their homes. Although investments are made solely in Dollars, it leads to better returns when converted to Naira. Rise also allows you to trade US stocks and Euro bonds through the app.

  • Afrinvest

Afrinvest is a Nigerian owned investment platform specialising in security banking and asset management. Afrinvest enables you to trade in Nigerian stocks online and offers live equities and trading, which allows you to see live prices of shares. You can trade fixed and equity investments on its online dashboard.

  • I-invest

I-invest mobile app is an investment platform without a broker to make Investments. Its user-friendly interface allows easy tracking of investments, some of which are treasury bills and Eurobonds. With its easy registration process, you can set up an account in less than 5 minutes. You can fund an I-invest account through a debit card.

  • Chaka

Chaka is an investment app that allows trading in local and global stocks across the world in over 40 countries. Its simple dashboard lets users track investments with ease. It also features a calculator to help calculate investment shares and their prices. Its flexibility in assisting users to invest in local and global stocks without restrictions makes it a sought-after investment platform.


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