It Took Me 30 Minutes to Produce Oleku – Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jagz

Top musician and producer, Jesse Jagz told Nigerian Tribune how he produced Ice Prince hit track “oleku” in 30 minutes. Also the state of music production.

Jesse said,

Sadly, it is so because of technology. It is true, but the time spent has nothing to do with it. We still spent a whole lot of time reproducing, re-voicing and mixing I learned it. I know people think producers are born, but it took me years to understand what it is about. Real production is the ability to be able to compose and arrange music.

Unfortunately, what we have today is not production, but beat making. These kids have no idea how to produce. Digital production is just one angle. It takes years of training. It takes the ear, mind and muscles. E Kelly taught me to use a keyboard, then a PC to produce. But before then, I learned to play drums and piano. So, the ability to play an instrument is always an added advantage. Then, I had to learn to take all this knowledge about music, throw it out the window and just make music that comes from me.

For me, Jesse is gud. But he is so underrated in the industry.

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