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This highly anticipated edition of features fast-rising pop music darling, and hardworking pixels peddler, . For the average audience, ’s breakout moment was her brash response to recent pop success, Kiss Daniel’s massive number, “Woju”. Aptly titled “Gboju”,

Grey lands a subtle blow to Daniel’s bravado on the record, consequently landing herself a major hit as well. While “Gboju” the response might not eventually be as big a record as Daniel’s original,  had gone ahead and broken wider grounds with hot songs like “Gbona” and “Lale Yi”. on the other hand rose to the industry hot-cake status with a solid track record of successful projects in graphics design and videos. Despite the diverse, but often-times creatively related nature of Toby and ’s roles in entertainment, they both represent one trend we respect in the youth: resilience.

From ’s stress-filled, hope-inspiring and on-going tales of upcoming days, to ’s timeline of designing and shooting his way to fame and success (flashback to those infamous BBM display pictures!), we stay up for celebrating the true fighting spirit, can-do nature and the journey of the  youth to the legendary light at the end of our individual and collective tunnels.


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