Tips To Correctly Use A Condom


It’s important to use condoms carefully, correctly and consistently. Here’s how to correctly use a condom:

Put on a condom before any s*xual contact. Keep in mind, STDs can be passed on and pregnancy can occur before male s*xual climax (ejaculation).

Open the package carefully. Don’t use your teeth or fingernails.

Apply lubricant inside and outside of the condom. This may not be needed if you use a condom that’s pre-lubricated.

Pull your foreskin back. This is necessary if you’re not circumcised.

Place the tip of the rolled-up condom over your man-hood. The man-hood should be erect before you put on the condom. The rolled rim should be on the outside. If you start to put on the condom and realize that the rolled side is on the inside, throw it away and use another condom.

Gently press the tip of the condom to remove air. This isn’t necessary if the condom has a reservoir tip.

Roll the condom down. Make sure it covers the entire man-hood.
Remove any air bubbles. An air bubble could cause the condom to tear or come off.

After s*x, grasp the base of the condom before you remove it. This will prevent the condom from coming off before you pull away from your partner.

Dispose of the condom in the trash. Don’t flush condoms down the toilet.


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