TIPS: 7 Facebook Mistakes You Should Never Make With A Lady


It’s not uncommon to hear girls complain about all of the creepy and horrible things guys do to them online. Stalking, excessive poking, memorizing profile information are just a few, but sadly the list goes much further. No matter what your situation is with a particular girl, committing any one of these Facebook crimes will surely get you in trouble and tarnish your reputation (you don’t want to be known as “That Creepy Facebook Guy”). If you know what to avoid doing on Facebook, you’ll have a higher chance of success.

1. Memorize Every Part Of Her Profile
The first and most common mistake guys make on Facebook is memorizing a girl’s profile information. Her interests, favorite music, favorite movies, favorite quotes, and everything else she puts online. If you take the time to read every inch of her profile and commit it to memory, you’ll never have any fun learning about her in
real life. Plus, if she gets the idea that you memorized all of her profile information, she will easily get scared off.
2. Friend Her Before Meeting In Real Life
Maybe you saw her at a party, or know her from math class, but you haven’t actually said hi or introduced yourself. Why not initiate contact through a more casual and safe medium like the internet, right? Wrong! One of the first rules of Facebook is to not add people you don’t know. This can lead to online and real world awkwardness that just isn’t worth it. If you know of a girl, and want to friend her on Facebook, just hold your horses and find another girl to be distracted with in the meantime.
3. Look At All 1,364 Tagged Photos Of Her
She probably has a cute face and a banging body, but still, there’s no reason to go through all 1,364 tagged photos of her. This is especially true when you first meet a girl. If you’re so interested in her from the get go, she’ll see less of a challenge in you and might be turned off by it. Also, if any of your friends see you madly clicking through all of her photos, they might catch on to your latest crush.
4. Bookmark Her Profile
Bookmarking a girl’s Facebook profile is a huge warning sign of a stalking problem. If you visit a girl’s profile so often that you feel like you need it bookmarked, you really have to think twice about what you’re doing. Bookmarking a girl’s profile makes it easier for others to find out about your creepy crush. Imagine what would happen if you actually start dating this girl and she sees the bookmark on your computer. Even worse, imagine if you start dating a different girl and she sees the bookmark on your computer. These are two bad situations that can come from bookmarking her profile, but the main reason why this is a mistake is because it encourages creepy behavior.
5. Poke Her Constantly
Poking a girl on Facebook is a great way to innocently get her attention, but when done excessively, it can be just plain annoying. Keep poking to a minimum, and unless she initiates new pokes, don’t go back and poke her again.
6. Investigate Every Guy That Writes On Her Wall
If you’re not even dating a particular girl and get jealous that other guys are trying to get her attention by writing on her wall, you have to get used to it. If a girl is even remotely attractive and has an active presence on Facebook, you better believe every single guy and his brother is already trying to pursue her. If you feel insecure and feel the need to size up your competition, you’re making a big mistake. The first reason for this is that people can portray themselves much differently online than in real life. This can give you a distorted perception of what your competition is really like. The next reason why sizing up your competition online is that it shouldn’t be your concern. Unless you’re dating her (and even if you are) you shouldn’t feel like you have to investigate other guys she talks to. This conveys nothing buy insecurity which is a huge turn off.
7. Ask Her Out
If you’ve been talking to a girl for a while and are thinking about asking her out, don’t do it on Facebook. This bears repeating: don’t do it on Facebook! Asking out a girl online is like asking to be rejected.


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