Tillaman condemns NBC’s absence from #NECLive, to drop ‘Ko ma roll’ remix video

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In late January 2013, the Nigerian Broadcast Commission (NBC) put a ban on a eight Nigerian videos, including Psquare‘s ‘Alingo‘ and Timaya‘s ‘Bum bum‘.  Pop singer Adetona Adeyemi better known as Tillman also got the axe on his video ‘Ko ma roll‘.
A week later Tillaman released a video on YouTube calling for a meeting with the NBC and fellow artistes 
Today, Tillaman has released a statement, questioning the NBC’s absence at the inaugural Nigerian Entertainment Conference which held last Friday in Lagos.
He has also announced the upcoming release of the v
ideo for ‘Ko ma roll (remix)‘ which features Burna Boy, Trigga Madtonic, Iyanya, Phyno, Ice Prince.
Read his full statement below…
Several months ago when my video (Koma Roll featuring Vector) was banned by the NBC, I posted a video on popular website Youtube to address the issue. I called for NBC to set up a Censors Board where we can send our videos to like it is in the movie industry, so as to be well guided on what to release for TV consumption and avoid the unfortunate event of spending money to do something for yourself and have someone shut you down without having given you prior guidelines.
I also called for a conference where major stakeholders in entertainment can come together to discuss these issues our industry is facing so we can further work together to take it to greater heights.
Fast-forward to several months after, NBC has neither acknowledged the address made to them or responded to the issues raised. However, NET (a privately owned entertainment news outfit has put together the first ever National Entertainment Conference). A successful outing it was, having major stakeholders all coming together to rub minds, NBC however wasn’t found anywhere near this project.
We respect and recognize you as a governing body for an aspect of our industry, but should we see you as a governing body or an enemy when you have no guidelines listed on your website or anywhere else for us but ban us anyway, and even after we plead to you to please do something about it you refuse to respond, and finally an opportunity was provided by NET and yet again you refused to come forward and address us like you should?
I speak for myself and for my fellow artistes. This is our job, this is our livelihood, and whether you respond to us or not, we must continue to make music/videos to carry on our trade. It will only be sad if after all these calls to you, you refuse to do what is right and come out again to release a list of banned videos. We artistes are a member of the society, and we deserve our fair trial at being judged!
In this light therefore, after waiting and hoping NBC will address us as I advocated for but they didn’t, I have decided to put out my video: Koma Roll (rmx) featuring Burna Boy, Trigga Madtonic, Iyanya, Phyno and Ice Prince. The video was directed by Patrick Elis and we as much as possible tried to make it suitable for general consumption (from guidelines we could gather online, not from NBC). We even made two edits, an uncut version for satellite TV and a censored version for NBC-controlled local channels.
NBC, please enjoy the video. I hope you would have given us a positive response to this by the time we release the next video (Ori Owo) in two weeks.
Yours faithfully,
Prince Adetona Adeyemi (Tillaman)

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