This Little Girl’s Adorable 1st Birthday Photos Got People Talking

Social media users especially on Instagram have been massively gushing over the pictures of this toddler dressed in colourful outfits.

Ex beauty queen and supermodel, Ofou Rukevwe Vivienne Ohwerhi has showcased pictures of her elegant daughter named Efeturi Saleisha Zino to mark her one-year birthday.

The looks of the daughter confirms the saying the “apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree”

“My baby is a year old today

There’s a lot to write today about this wonderful gift of a daughter but I ll keep it until she’s up(still sleeping).. just like yesterday in a blink of an eye she’s a year old I’m so proud of you and the bigger and better you that you are growing into..I love you endlessly and would go round the world just to see you smile.. Happy birthday my favorite cake pop..Gods grace will never depart from your choices in life” her mother wrote.

The daughter has started ‘slaying’ at a very tender age just like her mom. Several commenters have been showering encomium on the kid.

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