Things You Need To Know About Luxury Watches


In case you happen to be new when it comes to luxury watches, then you should visit and learn more about the various types available for you to pick from.  You might be wondering what are the important things which you need to know about luxury timepieces but this article will try to let you in on all of that.

With several years of history of innovation, prestigious brands and endless styles, learning about the most important things to know in regard to luxury watches might feel overwhelming. The following is a list of things you need to know about the luxury timepieces for you to begin to feel like an expert in choosing one for yourself.

  • The different types of watch movements: Also referred to as calibers, these are the internal mechanism which is able to power the watch. There are two different types of watch movements:
    • Mechanical movements: These are the movements which are masterfully crafted which consists of intricate and small components which tend to work together seamlessly. They tend to require engineering, which is precise from watch manufacturers and it is within the movement that they get energy from a wound spring. Depending on the watch’s mechanical, the wounding of the mainspring will be different. On the market, there are two types of watch mechanicals which include: automatic and manual.
      • Manual watches: They have to be wound by hand in order to build up energy in the mainspring of the watch. In order to that, the crown of the watch has to be turned several times after which, the mainspring will unwind and be able to release energy. The number of times the watch is to be unwound entirely depends on the power reserve capacity that the movement has. This normally ranges between 24 hours and above.
      • Automatic watches: Some people refer to it as self-winding watches. They normally gather energy through the movements of the wearer of their wrist. If worn on a regular basis, then there will be no need to wound them. But in case you don’t wear them on a regular basis, then there will be a need to wind them in order for it to gather some energy.
    • Quartz movement: It is a movement which relies on the quartz battery as a source of power. They are normally accurate and thus, it will require minimum maintenance. Due to the fact that they only have minimum mechanical parts and require little labor as compared to the mechanical watches, they tend to be cheaper than the mechanical ones. But the intricate craftsmanship which is adorned on the mechanical watches is what attracts most people to them.
  • Styles of watches

There are several styles for luxury watches with the most popular ones being:

  • Dress watches: They are great watches which tend to complement business or formal attire. They need to be thin enough to be able to slip in and out of the cuff of a shirt easily. They are the type which features less design so that they blend seamlessly into whatever outfit you put on. Most of the dress watches on the market don’t have a lot of complications to maintain a dial that is sleek, but there are a few which might have a date window.
  • Diving watches: They are specifically made to be able to endure the diving conditions which are tough and also assist the deep-sea divers. They are constructed with superior resistance to water and metals which are corrosion resistant. For divers, accurate timekeeping is very important when deep in water, over hundreds of feet with supply of air which is limited. They have easily readable dial and a unidirectional bezel that rotates, helping the diver to tell how long they have been in the water.
  • Sports watches: They are the type which is perfect for cyclists, runners, mountain climbers, and any person who likes adventure. They are truly versatile due to the fact you can even use them in an office, as well as when doing your rugged activities. They need to have strong casing with a bit of water resistance. They can be available in a variety of arrays of complications including tachymeter and chronograph.


  • Seal of Geneva: With these official seals, it will show that the watch has met exceptionally high standards of the workmanship of Geneva. It is a seal which guarantees that the watch will be reliable, comparable and accurate to use and work of art. The movement of the watch must also be made, adjusted, cased in the Canton of Geneva. The timepieces which have this particular seal normally have it stamped on their case and movement. So it will be easy for you to know if your watch has that seal or not.


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