Things She NEEDS During S*x

s*x is a two-way street: When 760 people were asked to define what s*xual satisfaction meant to them, the majority emphasized that it revolves around mutual pleasure.


But the results go on to show that good s*x is more than just simultaneously climaxing. In fact, ludic se*uality—simply acting out your partner’s desires—was another popular answer.

So how can you make sure you’re clued in on what she craves? Follow these fast and easy tips below;

Speak up first: People have hang-ups about talking about s*x. And women often hesitate sharing intimate info because they don’t want to be judged by what turns them on. So instead of putting her on the spot, break the ice by telling her one of your fantasies. Initiating the conversation allows her to react without feeling pressured.

Keep it casual: You’re interacting with your girlfriend, not your doctor. So “the talk” doesn’t need to be some serious sit-down moment. Instead, tell her that you had the hottest dream about her last night. Inform her of the steamy details, and then gauge her interest in reenacting it.

Be inquisitive: If you want to find out what makes her tick, inquire about any intimate pastimes. For example, if one of her favorite shows is Masters of s*x or she can’t put down her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, ask why. Bringing in a third party shifts the attention off of your s*x life, while still providing insight on what piques her interest.

Stay playful: Between kissing her lips and playing with her hair post-s*x, turn your conversation into a game of “would you rather,” says Morse. For example: Would you rather blindfold me, or be blindfolded? Would you rather be on top, or have me control the pace? “By keeping it playful, you can learn a lot about her preferences,” says Morse.

Source: MensHealth

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