The World Reacts To Beyonce’s “Bow Down”

Say bye bye to the shy Beyonce we’ve known for nearly 15 years. Somewhere her husband Jay-Z is pulling the strings in the background with a whisper in her ear, “Let these women know who’s King.”
Bey’s apparently tired of being humble, as she’s been called her entire career. It’s her time to let “bitches” know they better “Bow Down.” And while they’re kneeling to kiss her feet she wants you to remember she’s from H-Town, baby. There’s been lots of whispers on whether or not Bey cursing in her songs is too much for the woman who has managed to stay out of tabloids and industry drama, and always presents herself with grace and class. Then there’s folks like her hometown peer, Bun B, who says we need to support her for repping Houston. Check out how fans, the blogs and the music industry have reacted to the self-proclaimed King telling her peasants to “Bow Down.”

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“While this is a decent filler track, it’s fairly underwhelming, and will probably only satisfy the most ardent of Beyoncé fans—those already inclined to bow down.” – Slate
“Forget the little technicalities, though: Is this the most aggressive Beyoncé has ever sounded? We can let it gel a minute before making that call, but it’s not too early to add “Bow Down/I Been On” to your Brutal Bey playlist alongside “Ring the Alarm,” “Run the World (Girls),” “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” and “Diva.”” – Vulture
“”Bow Down” is exactly the type of song that will rile up the Beyhive, Beyonce’s fiercely loyal fan base. That may spell unfortunate news for Keri Hilson, who recently admitted that she was exhausted by the amount of hate she receives from fans of other singers, intimating that Beyonce plays a part in stirring the hate she’s exposed to on a daily basis.” – HuffPo
“We’re fairly confident that “Bow Down” is more buzz track than official single, given the lack of formal build-up (and the fact that it doesn’t really sound like single, does it?), but one thing is eminently clear: She’s back.” – Idolator
“While intentionally deciding to have an all-woman band was a cutting-edge and progressive decision for Beyonce to make, why would she undermine it by releasing a song that says she reigns supreme over other women? As a mother and sister, how does she not see a problem in referring to women as “b–ches” and “tricks”? Does she get a pass for being domineering and crass whenever her alter-ego Sasha Fierce decides to resurface?” – Washington Post

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