The Untold Story Of The Lady Who Vomited Blood At Ikorodu ( Viewers Discretion)


Tongues are wagging in Lagos State especially Ikorodu, over how a young lady who was said to have been so expressive of her womanhood and was full of life falls victim of ritualists.

The incident that happened on Thursday 13th of August, 2015 according to reports has it that the lady was said to be one of the happening babes in town, although she likes doing her things in her own little way.

Arewa (pseudonym) in her twenties had allegedly gone out in answer to a call from an Aristo where we learnt she finally met her waterloo.

An eye witness/road side trader who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed thus:

“ I was attending to one of my customers when a middle aged man pack his car in front of me at Benson Bus/stop, Ikorodu to drop a lady and before I could blink my eyes; the man had jumped in the car and zoomed off.

I noticed the lady he drops look pale and weak but I thought maybe she’s not feeling too well.

I was still trying to open up conversation with her when she started vomiting blood. I alerted people that are around and in a twinkle of an eye, over hundreds of people gathered around her.

At the initially stage, we thought it was a medical condition and we were trying to rush her to the hospital when one Alfa that also witnessed the incident after doing some prayers for the lady hinted us that the lady has been used by ritualists and her chance of surviving is very slim.” The road side trader squealed.

She further said: “We were still trying to do all we could to save her from dying when a particular woman recognized the lady and quickly rushed to her parent’s house to inform them about their daughter’s plight.

About 20 minutes later, the lady’s parents came to Benson Bus-stop and use a car to whisk their daughter away.

What I truly don’t know is if the lady survives the incident or not cos I couldn’t leave my market to follow them.” The trader concluded

However, people around Benson Bus-Stop also unanimously agree that the lady’s unadulterated fun seeking lifestyle helped fan the flames that caused her recent ordeals.

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